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Case & Country, Cingolibranch details

Marche Country Homes is the real estate agency that is focused on restoration and selling farmhouses, country houses, cottages and villas in the region Le Marche.The attitude of our agency is casual and operational, even though we don’t have a call center sorting our phone calls, or annoying you with return calls, and our mailing list is made of registered users. Since the beginning our core business has been the selling of country houses, cottages, ancient homes, villas and typical buildings with their own artistic, architectural and historical value.
Let’s say that we don’t sell just “valuable” houses, but houses with an added value, even emotional: the affection and passion for the house, is what makes a building “valuable” and not at all common. We are not only a business-oriented agency, we bring passion and craziness in our job, we like to feel the emotions from the place we want to sell, enjoying the stunning view and solidity of a three centuries old city wall, or an old and abandoned church built in bricks, a hundred-year-old golden chain, a windy green and gentle hill.
Our inspiration comes from beauty, just because you cannot live without beauty and maybe only in beauty you can find comfort and shelter.

Contact details

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 62011 Cingoli (AN)

Tel: 00393334593536